Saturday, January 15, 2011

T-1,15. 2011

T-1,15. 2011

T-1,15. 2011

Skin: CheerNo - Brent_Gold_Base Shav (New)

Eyes: MADesigns - EYES_NOCTURNE ~ Dead Storm (New)

Hair: CheerNo - Hair COLLY Dark (New)

Coat: +KiiToS!!+ - Classic Coat -for THE Seasons Hunt-

Pants: Connors - PAINTER BAGGY BLUE (soon)

Shoes: BALKANIK 2.0 - SUPAH-Dunk Purple/Pink Blk Prod

Frostbite: A:S:S - Frostbite (gift)


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Vaki said...

Oh, wow, I love those pants. Those are very nice. Tact, your blog is one of my favorites out there, thank you!