Saturday, January 24, 2009

Today's fashion 24/1/2009

Hair- ~ ROSS ~ NB I  by   .::MADesigns Hair::.
Goggle- numero69 HalcyonGoggle (On head) by  *ottico*
Scarf- Gift Scarf (not for sale ) by SOREAL
Jacket-Leather "Chiodo" Rocker Jacket Boxed by -WMD-
Sweater-With you ( Blue ) by *ARGRACE*
Pants-Low Rise Chinos [Black] by ARMIDI
Boots-Biker Boots -Night by *REDGRAVE*
Gloves-Biker Gloves [1/2-finger] -Black by *REDGRAVE*

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Today's fashion 21/1/2009

Hair-STD.GloXhair EROTIC.cyber[BeacH] by a.C Store
Piercing-Ear piercing Mix#02 by *Muism*
Sunglasses- Pilot shades "Black" by Laqroki
Shirt-shirt //clown // black by [ JP ] Design
Bag-Crate digger Bag by { Kari }
Denim-Dark Grey Raw Denim by Laqroki
Sneaker-Style Sneakers -Black by *REDGRAVE*
Tattoo-=:KAGE:= Skull Prayer Tattoo by *Muism*

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today's fashion 20/1/2009

Hair-ALEX ~ SBR II by MADesigns Hair
FNKY! GC2564 Glasses (Charcoal/Medium) by FNKY!
Watch-watch_no.22 male by [*chronokit*]
Ring-( Large Dual Metal Studded Mens Ring Silver/Black by (luc) fashion jewelry
Accessories- Jewelled Stud/ [5mm] by *Muism*
Hiphang- black_leather_hiphang(MENS) by *Muism*
Vest & Shirt&Scarf- White Shirt with Grey Vest by Laqroki
Jeans-Classic Jean by ..::moss::..
Sneakers- White&Black Pleather Sneakers by Laqroki

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Today's fashion 18/1/2009

Hair-STD.GloXhair KlaaR [TopaZ] by a.C Store
Shirt-Yakuzza Shirt - silver grey by Primitive Design
Tie- [Lose Skinny Tie]_Tartan006 (Male) by *Muism*
Suspenders- New School suspenders (L) by { Kari }
pants-Daft pants by Emery
Sneakers-Superstars WHITE/Red-Suede (SSP012) by SOREAL
Cigarette-Cigarette II (long ash) by FNKY!
Piercing-StripedRing Triple - Eyebrow L by FNKY!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Today's fashion 17/1/2009

HairGloXhair [BeacH] by a.C Store
Bag-yellow bag_m by ACID MALL
Parker- *RABI* by xxYOME SHOUJOxx
Pants- Madras Pants by *ARAI*
Sneakers-Athlete Sneakers -Cyan/Pink by REDGRAVE
Socks-[MH88] - The Tennis Socks (Pink) by MadHouse88 Designs

Friday, January 16, 2009

Today's fashion 16/1/2009

Hair-STD.GloXhair ZioN [Wet sanD] by a.C Store
Topps-minihood black by *Fishy Strawberry*
Tshirt-kawaii onigiri grey box by Tost Face
Piercing-StripedRing Double - Lip by FNKY!
Stole-Linen stole muffler (White) by CREAMSHOP
Pants- Carving leather pants*black by  :sey
Shoes-SC Bastard Neko Chucks Boxed by  -WMD-
Socks-Sporty Socks - White - Short by Detour

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Today's fashion 15/1/2009

Hair-Worker's Holiday[Amber Brown*touch to change tex/size] by "Find Ash"
Gloves-Biker Gloves [1/2-finger] -Brown by *REDGRAVE*
Bag- Waistbag by kalrau
Piercings-Triple Bridge Bars by Pierced Soul Piercing
Shirt-Check shirt_brown by  *ARAI*
Vest -Cold Springs Vest [night] by >TRUTH<
Jeans- [Straight Leg Jeans]_Gray wash by  *Muism*
RollerSkate&Socks-RollerSkate sell box by [BUKKA]

Monday, January 12, 2009

Today's fashion 12/1/2009

Hair&Cap- Hunting - Very short - Black by *ARGRACE*
Sunglasses-Boho Shades - Metal by VintageWear
T-shirt-Oct_Pink by *Muism*
Jacket- winter jacket -brown by sf design
Jeans-Classic Jean by ..::moss::..
Boots-J's 3way Engineer Boots (BK) by ** J's

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Today's fashion 7/1/2009

Hair-MAD Hair ~ Cruz ~ TB I by MADesigns
Scarf - Holiday Wynter Scarf I (homme) by Kyoot
Gloves-(Cocoa) by **en Svale**
Accessory-Jewelled Stud/silver.clear [5mm] by *Muism*
Jacketー:sey =2nd date=F   by   :sey
Pantsー-Stripe Button Trouser/Black by *Muism*
Boots- Ankle boots/stitched/dark brown by *Muism*

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New men's hair from MADesigns

Hair-MAD Hair ~ BRAD

Hair-MAD Hair ~ ROSS

Hair-MAD Hair ~ ROSS ~ GB II (M) by MADesigns
EYES -STUDIO - black by MADesigns
Jacket&Shirt - Grunge Jacket -Deepbrown by *REDGRAVE*
Jeans-Vintage Jeans_Rolled up cuff/Washed [male] by *Muism*
Ankle boots/stitched/brown by *Muism*

Friday, January 2, 2009

Today's fashion 2/1/2009

Hair&Cap - Goodmorning - Chocolate by Aitui
Jacket-[ JP ] Jacket / camo-brown by JP ] DESIGN
Pants-[ JP ] Baggy / Pants / - black by [ JP ] DESIGN
Sneakers- City Steps Sneakers Cream by SOREAL
piercing-Kitty Fangs by Pierced Soul Piercings
Necklace- Peace Is Sexy, Mens Necklace Silver/BlackMetal by (luc)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009


HairTOM14 hair jetblack by booN
KIMONO-Sweetaholic for men/KIMONO:11 by Sweetaholic Kimono Shop