Saturday, July 18, 2009

*NEW* Release WMD 1

Eyes: NTENSE - devious by MADesigns EYES
Glasses: MegaStar Glasses (Gold/Black) by FNKY!
Necklace: Rock'n'Rolla Chain by Naith Smit Designs
Bracelet: Obtuse_white_black_black by !_Ce Cubic effect bracelet
Tee&Jeans: NRG Black and Liner Tee Outfit-VH- by WMD (NEW)
Boots: Aussie Boots by WMD
Tattoo: Aggression /Upper Body/ by AITUI TATTOO

Hair: BILLY DESTROYED C2 ~ NB II Scripted by MADesigns HAIR
Scarf: hedi-scarf-red by THE DOGS
Bracelet: SL double BRACELET (ZEBLA) Men's by Sole Accessory
Tee: 1"S" TShirt White V-Neck -V- by WMD
Jeans: Ronin "Demolition" Jeans-VH- by WMD(NEW)
Boots: Biker Boots - Used Beige by Hoorenbeek

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