Friday, June 26, 2009

Today’s fashion 26/6/2009

Skin: GloX - Venus Spring.Sup.TAN T#2 EB.b Bald by a.C Store
Eyes: MIRRORS – intrigue by MADesigns EYES
Hair: GloXhair JAJAY TREND Color [PearL] by a.C Store(Hair Fair)
Hat: CheckHat(A) by NINIKOBOY
Vest: OK GO - Khaki + Black (man) /vest by Sweetest Good-bye
T-Shirt: No Whammy! by RezIpsa Loc
Pants: 3/4Length borderpants *gray by NoaR
Sandal: Sandal Brown(gift ) by ordinary
Earring: L set earring Double (Gunmetal) by ICoN
Necklace: SHIELD necklace:::(MEN'S) by Sole Accessory
Bandana; Bandana Hand R #Ma by Emery



Lizzie Lexington said...

Love the hat. Our posts are right next to each other on Ihearts and we are wearing the same hat, LOL!

Tact Arida said...

Hi Lizzie Thank you for comment

nachtmusikfashion said...

Love the use of color!

Tact Arida said...

Hi nachtmusikfahion Thank you for comment:)