Monday, May 11, 2009

Today’s fashion 11/5/2009

New Release Tattoo by dEVOL

design with CROW and DRAWING with MESSAGE.

~~The Ten Commandments of Mother Earth~~

I. Thou shalt love and honour the Earth for it blesses thy life and governs thy survival.

II. Thou shalt keep each day sacred to the Earth and celebrate the turning of its seasons.

III. Thou shalt not hold thyself above other living things nor drive them to extinction.

IV. Thou shalt give thanks for thy food, to the creatures and plants that nourish thee.

V. Thou shalt educate thy offspring for multitudes of people are a blessing unto the Earth when we live in harmony.

VI. Thou shall not kill, nor waste Earth’s riches upon weapons of war.

VII. Thou shalt not pursue profit at the Earth’s expense but strive to restore its damaged majesty.

VIII. Thou shalt not hide from thyself or others the consequences of thy actions upon the Earth.

IX. Thou shalt not steal from future generations by impoverishing or poisoning the Earth.

X. Thou shalt consume material goods in moderation so all may share the Earth’s bounty.

this message was found at some website and I do make a message with crow and drawings.
I hope all ppls feels some from this tattoo and keep safe our mother of the EARTH…

Skin: !SIGZ: OCEAN (SUNSET) Shaved by Zoobong
Eyes: NATURALS - brown conversation eyes by MADesigns
Hat&Hair: Rejector - Ink by !lamb
Tattoo: Crow Message to the Earth by dEVOL
Glasses: Urban Shades - Metal - Gold Topped by VINTAGEwear
Bangle: Color Wood Bangle *Trio* by M.R.M. FACTORY
Jeans: "Ronin" Simon Blue jeans low rise by WMD
Boots: Aviator Boots by REDGRAVE


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