Sunday, February 15, 2009

Today's fashion 15/2/2009

Hair : Army Crop (Belleza) by MADesigns Hair
Parker:Checkered Hoodie [ yellow ] by Zoobong
Pants:Capri Dark by Kal Rau
Sneaker:Superstars YELLOW/Black (SSP009) by SOREAL
Sunglasses : Etienne by Steinwerk Designs
Percing:down of cross Pierce@m by Yukirei


Dimitri Shinn said...

Is that pants really from KR? I ask because I went looking for it and I saw a capri but it didnt have the pockets you seem to have at the side unless you added those from another clothing?

Tact Arida said...

Yes, it is Kr. However, the underpants are not sold now.