Friday, January 16, 2009

Today's fashion 16/1/2009

Hair-STD.GloXhair ZioN [Wet sanD] by a.C Store
Topps-minihood black by *Fishy Strawberry*
Tshirt-kawaii onigiri grey box by Tost Face
Piercing-StripedRing Double - Lip by FNKY!
Stole-Linen stole muffler (White) by CREAMSHOP
Pants- Carving leather pants*black by  :sey
Shoes-SC Bastard Neko Chucks Boxed by  -WMD-
Socks-Sporty Socks - White - Short by Detour


Kristie Carnell said...

Where may I find this belt, please?

Tact Arida said...

sey belt is attached to the pants